In Defense of Holy Scripture
with Ron Keller

Tuesdays, September 19 – November 21.

Picture of a BibleIf someone were to say to you, “The Bible is written by man and is nothing but ancient mythology and legends,” how would you respond? The Bible claims divine inspiration, but the argument against that is called “circular reasoning.” That is, you cannot use a book or a certain author to validate the claims of that book or that author. Rather, the evidence for its inspiration must come from outside that of the author. How would you answer one who would accuse the Bible of trying to prove its own inspiration?

There are claims that science and the Bible are at odds. How would you respond if someone challenged you on that matter? Can the Bible be trusted even if it contradicts the latest scientific theories—like macroevolution?

The Bible is both the most loved book and the most hated book. Kings have outlawed it. Philosophers have tried to drown it in their infidel ink. But the Word of God still stands.

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