Pastor Dennis Sherman

Dennis Sherman

Pastor Dennis Sherman was born in Ottawa, Kansas to Christian parents. From the time he was born, his parents communicated the Gospel to him. By the time he was six, Dennis knew that he was a sinner and that Jesus paid the price for his salvation.

At that young age he trusted Christ as his savior and by the time he graduated from high school, he knew God was directing him to serve either as a missionary or a pastor. Dennis then entered Biola University and majored in Bible.

During his college years, God provided him with various leadership opportunities at Camp Wynola, Carson Bible Church and Imperial Community Church. As he was preparing to begin his senior year, he was asked to fill in as pastor at Irvine Community Church until a permanent pastor could be found.

Dennis began this ministry on September 1, 1968 and it expanded to a permanent full-time ministry when he graduated from Biola in 1969. Dennis and his wife Terry have two sons; Steve is pastor of Christian Fellowship Church in North Brunswick, New Jersey and Mark is preparing to be a missionary pilot with African Inland Mission.